Electricity Bills: These are 5 surefire ways to reduce electricity bills, just small habits save a lot of money..


For common people, high electricity bills can also shake their monthly budget. In such a situation, we are going to tell you some important tips, with the help of which you can reduce your electricity bill. You will see a big difference just by making small changes.


Switch to BLDC fans: BLDC fans are gradually becoming very popular. These are very energy efficient. Because they have brushless direct current motors which function on direct current electricity. Such fans save up to 60 percent of electricity compared to normal induction motor-based fans.

Switch to LED lights: If you still have CFLs and old bulbs in your home. So you replace them with LED bulbs. Because they are very energy efficient and they also provide more light.

BEE Rating: BEE star labels are issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). This defines the energy efficiency of the appliance. In this label, the rating is given through stars. The higher the rating of the appliance, the more energy-efficient the product is. In such a situation, if you buy an appliance with a 5-star rating, you will get a chance to save more electricity.

Switch off the appliance completely when not in use: Most people leave appliances like AC or TV switched off using the remote when not in use. But, even after doing this, the appliances remain on standby and keep consuming electricity. In such a situation, the appliances should be completely switched off using the switch instead of the remote.


Run AC at 24 degrees: AC is used a lot during summer and rainy season when it is humid. In this way, the electricity bill also becomes higher. If you want, you can reduce the electricity bill by running the AC only at 24 degrees. This is the ideal temperature for both cooling the room and saving electricity.
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