Electricity Bill: Electricity bill will become very low, know these 5 important tips, the work will be done by changing small habits...


Electricity bill also forms a major part of household expenses. Because, in the age of technology, many electronic appliances are used in the house. However, a lot of electricity can be saved by keeping some things in mind. Because, knowingly or unknowingly, we often make such mistakes due to which electricity is consumed unnecessarily.


Here we are going to tell you some things which, if you keep in mind while using home appliances, will help in saving a lot of electricity. Besides, you will also have to make changes in small habits.

Save electricity like this
Switch off: Whenever you leave a room, check whether any light or fan is on there. Try to ensure that no home appliance is being used without any reason. Also, do not leave appliances like TVs off by just using the remote when not in use. Try your best to switch it off.

Buy appliances with a 5-star rating: The higher the rating of the appliance, the more it helps in saving electricity. In such a situation, whenever you buy a new appliance, try to have a rating of 5 or at least 3.

Buy LED bulbs: If old types of bulbs are still being used in your house, then replace them and start using LED bulbs. Because they not only last long. But also helps in saving a lot of electricity. There is also plenty of light in these.

Use the refrigerator at the right temperature: A large part of the electricity bill comes from using the refrigerator at home. In such a situation, first of all, make sure that the temperature of the fridge is appropriate. For example, Samsung's refrigerator has modes for cold, heat, and rain. Use the refrigerator at the same temperature. This will help a lot in saving electricity.


Keep the temperature of the AC correct: Many people have a habit of setting it at 18 or 19 degrees as soon as they turn on the AC. But, experts believe that AC should be kept at 24 degrees. This saves a lot of electricity and is also very good for the human body.
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