Early Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Disease: These signs of heart disease come secretly, it is more difficult for men...


First Sign of Heart Disease: To stay alive, every human being has a pumping machine named Heart. The blood gets purified from the heart and reaches every part of the body. And through this blood oxygen and nutrients are received in every vein of the body. Blood reaches the heart through the arteries and after that, it gets pumped and goes to all the organs. But a sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits have increased the villain named cholesterol in the arteries. This bad cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries due to which the blood does not reach the heart properly. This causes diseases like heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, and heart failure.


Early symptoms of heart disease
1. Congestion in the chest - In the news of HT, Dr. Bipin Chandra Bhamre, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Sir HN Reliance Hospital and Research Center Mumbai, said that when a man has complications related to the heart, pain starts around the heart. If this pain does not go away quickly, then it can be the first sign of heart-related diseases. In this, it seems that some pressure has increased in the chest. It can also cause a burning sensation. In this case, get CBC and lipid profile test done immediately.

2. Neck Pain and Angina- When there is something wrong with the heart, it means that bad cholesterol has made its home in the arteries. In this situation, if there is pain in the chest, then this pain increases and reaches the neck. Along with this, angina also starts happening. If the pain is not stopping in the neck and is happening for a long time, then it can also be a heart attack.

3. Feeling dizzy or lightheaded - Symptoms of heart attack also include lightheadedness or weakness. It also causes dizziness. The problem of commuting should not be ignored. When the heart does not pump properly, blood does not reach the brain properly. Due to this, dizziness and the body starts feeling light.

4. Pain in the hands- If the pain started in the chest spreads rapidly in the hands as well, then it is a symptom of a heart attack. Along with this, numbness and weakness also start in the shoulders and hands.

5. Nausea- Angina in the beginning due to heart disease, along with vertigo, sometimes nausea also starts. The mind remains restless. If nausea starts coming often, then definitely contact the doctor.


6. Indigestion and abdominal pain - Along with nausea, the symptoms of heart disease also include indigestion and abdominal pain. Despite all this, the symptoms of heart disease are not visible in many people. That's why it would be better to get the lipid profile tested from time to time after 20-22 years so that it can be treated in the early stages of cholesterol increase. This will save you from a heart attack.

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