Dumplings Recipe: You must have eaten Dumplings, follow this method to make them soft and fluffy...


Gulgule or sweet pua is a popular sweet dish in India. Without this, fasts and festivals are considered incomplete. In some places, Gulgulas are made even on birthdays. Dumplings are made from flour and jaggery. Their taste is amazing. People eat it as a snack or when they have a craving for something sweet. These look like small pakodas. Sugar can also be used instead of jaggery in this, but jaggery is a healthy option. Today we will tell you how to make soft and fluffy dumplings at home, with which you can win everyone's heart.


Wheat flour – 1 cup
Jaggery – 1 cup
Fennel - half teaspoon
Milk – 1 cup
Ghee - as per need

To make Gulgula, first, take a pan. Add jaggery and water to it and mix well.
- It will start boiling within some time. Cook it until the jaggery mixes properly in the water.
Then take fennel and flour in a vessel and add milk to it.
Now add a jaggery solution to it.
- When it mixes well, prepare a thin solution of it.
- Add ghee to a pan to fry the dumplings.

- When it gets heated properly, add dumplings to it and filter it.
- Prepare hot dumplings in this way.
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