Diwali 2023: Donate 5 things on Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi will come home..


Donation On Diwali 2023: Among many big festivals of Sanatan Dharma, the special festival of Diwali is celebrated on the new moon date of Kartik month. This time the festival of Diwali will be celebrated on Sunday, 12 November 2023. There are many measures to be taken on this day, which can bring positive changes in your life. Bhopal resident astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma is telling about the five items to be donated on the day of Diwali.


Donation of clothes- According to astrology, if a person donates clothes on the day of Diwali, his luck shines. Many problems of humans can be solved by donating clothes. There may be happiness in life and many avenues of inflow of wealth may open. While donating, do not tell anything about this matter to anyone.

Donation of fruits- If someone in your house is sick or you want no disease of any kind to comes to your house, then you should donate fruits to the needy people on the day of Diwali. By doing this, the health of the sick person starts improving and the disease goes away from home.

Donation of food- According to astrology, if a person makes a secret donation on the day of Diwali, it has special significance. By donating food to a needy person on this day, all your wishes are fulfilled. Apart from this, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Annapurna also remain upon you.

Donation of water- According to Vedic astrology, the person who donates water on the day of Diwali attains salvation. It is also mentioned in religious texts that the person who gives water to a thirsty person attains virtue. Therefore, water must be donated on the day of Diwali.


Donating a broom- According to astrology, donating a broom on the day of Diwali is considered very auspicious. By doing this every problem of man can be solved. Goddess Lakshmi can be pleased with the donation of a broom and can remove your financial crisis.
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