Doctors of AIIMS did the operation of the unborn child in '90 seconds', know how this surgery was done?


Someone has told the truth that doctors are the form of God. That's why they do such feats, which becomes difficult to believe at times. Now, look at the doctors of Delhi AIIMS, who first operated on the heart of a child in a woman's womb. No one can believe this unique case. Although this is not an imaginary story, in reality, the doctors of Delhi AIIMS have done this wonderful and difficult work, which has been praised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


A 28-year-old pregnant woman was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. After being admitted to AIIMS, the doctors informed the woman and her husband about the heart condition of the child. He told that one valve of the child is closed. Because of this, there is a problem with the flow of blood in the heart. Due to reduced blood flow, a problem related to the development of the heart in the child can emerge, that is, if the child is not operated on, then after birth, he could have a serious heart disease.

Won the 'war' in 90 seconds
The woman had already miscarried three times. So the doctors informed the couple beforehand about all the dangers associated with this child. However, the couple immediately agreed to the operation, as they did not want to lose the child again. After which the doctor started the process of operation on the child's heart. Doctors performed 'balloon dilation surgery' to fix the grape-sized heart of the baby growing in the womb and accomplished its purpose in just 90 seconds. During this surgery, he opened back the valve of the child's heart which was closed.
After this operation, now the child's heart will develop better than before and the risk of heart disease will be less. This surgery is considered very rare because even a small mistake could have killed the child. This is the reason why 'Balloon Dilation Surgery' was carried out very seriously. Both mother and child are fine after this operation. AIIMS doctors are now monitoring the growth of the child's heart chambers. The team of doctors said that some of the risks associated with heart disease in the child can be treated in the mother's womb itself. By doing this, the risk arising in the child after birth is reduced.


What is the 'Balloon Dilation Procedure'?
Balloon dilation surgery is performed when there is an obstruction in the valve of the heart due to some reason and the valve closes, causing difficulties in blood flow. This surgery was done under ultrasound guidance. To perform this operation, the doctors inserted a needle through the mother's womb into the child's heart. After this, with the help of a balloon catheter, the obstruction in the child's valve was removed i.e. the closed valve was opened, so that the blood flow could be better. The doctor said that it is expected that after the surgery, the baby's heart will be able to grow well and the risk of heart disease at birth will also be less.

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