Do you snooze the alarm and then fall asleep? So be alert, doing this is very dangerous! Learn how?


Who doesn't love sleep? Everyone snoozes the alarm in the morning doing a little more. You too must have done this many times. Waking up to the first alarm in the morning proves to be quite difficult for many people. This is the reason why they either turn off the ringing alarm or put it on snooze to get some more sleep. But do you know how dangerous putting the alarm on snooze can prove to be for your health?


It is said that waking up early in the morning is very beneficial for health. Of course, this is completely true. However, its benefit is also available only to those people who get up without an alarm. But for those who cannot get up without an alarm and keep pressing the snooze button, their health may be worse than the rest.

Research has revealed that frequent use of the snooze button is not good for health. This is because doing so disturbs sleep. It is always better to wake up at an earlier alarm. Let us give you some information about the snooze button, which you would never have thought about.

What is the logic of the scientist?
It usually happens that people get up after some time of ringing the alarm and snooze it. The logic of the scientist behind this is very interesting. Before knowing the answer to this question, you must know that when the snooze button was invented, the engineers wanted to increase the duration of the alarm. Although he did not do so. This snooze button was invented in the '50s. When the snooze button was invented, the gear cycle of the clock was kept at 10 minutes.

Due to the addition of gear for the snooze button, experts had advised that the cycle of the snooze button of the alarm should be reduced or increased by 10 minutes. Because there should be no disturbance in the coordination of the rest of the parts. In the end, the makers decided to reduce it to 9 minutes. Experts argue that after 10 minutes of turning off the alarm, the person goes into a deep sleep. In such a situation, if the time of snooze button is kept for 10 minutes or more, then the alarm is not heard many times and the person keeps on sleeping.


Bad effect on health
Sleep experts believe that pressing the snooze button often makes one feel tired in the morning and also has a bad effect on health. There is no doubt that the snooze button spoils your sleep and it is also dangerous for your health. Recent research shows that using the snooze button is not good for health.

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