Diwali Upay: Buying a broom on Diwali is very auspicious, there will be rain of wealth in the house, know everything from the astrologer...


In India, many Teej and festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Every festival also has its own significance. One of them is the festival of Diwali. In Khargone district including Madhya Pradesh, the festival of Diwali is celebrated starting from Dhanteras in the month of Kartik till Bhai Dooj. Shopping also has special importance on this festival of Diwali. Although people start shopping even before Diwali, there are some special items that are purchased only on special days because they have special significance.


Let us tell you that Dhanteras is celebrated a day before Diwali. On this day, items like gold, silver, utensils, vehicles, etc. are purchased. According to the scriptures, shopping on this day pleases Kuber, the god of wealth, and showers wealth. But do you know why a broom is bought on this day, then let us tell you why a broom is bought and what is its importance.

Buying a broom is considered auspicious –
Pandit Rajendra Ratnakar says that many types of brooms are available in the market. Which are used for cleaning the house. Buying and maintaining a broom has been mentioned in other scriptures including Vastu Shastra. Buying a broom along with gold and silver on Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Bringing a new broom into the house on this day removes poverty. Mother Lakshmi's blessings shower. Because Goddess Lakshmi resides in the broom.

The blessings of Goddess Lakshmi remain in the house –
It is believed that buying a broom on this day not only brings happiness and peace to the house but also increases wealth. Not only this, Mother Lakshmi resides in the house itself and does not leave the house. That is why broom should be worshiped on the day of Lakshmi Puja. One should never insult the broom. Due to this, Mother Lakshmi gets angry and problems start arising in the house.


Which broom should be worshipped, and what is the method?
Pandit Rajendra Ratnakar says that according to the scriptures, the puja should be done with a dry broom, which is made in small size only for puja. This broom is easily available in the market, if it is not available then you can also use a big broom. While bringing the broom into the house, sprinkle water and do the tilak with kumkum and rice, tie a roli with a red cloth, and tie a thread. Then keep it at the place where Lakshmi puja is to be done. At the time of puja, worship the broom along with Goddess Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi will be pleased with this.
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