Diwali Tips: If you are buying lights for Diwali, then keep these 5 things in mind...


Diwali week has started. In such a situation, everyone has started installing lights in their homes. If you are also preparing to buy lights for your home or office, then keep some things in mind before buying them. Let us know which 5 things you must keep in mind.


Buy only trusted brands: We suggest that you always buy lights for Diwali from trusted brands. This is important both for safety and for the long life of the lights. Lights of good brands last long and are also short-circuit-proof.

Energy-Efficient and Cost-Efficient Lights: You can save money through smart lighting. LED options in smart lights ensure that you are saving more energy than traditional lights. A few dimming features help in further reducing the electricity bill. Compared to regular bulbs, the shelf life of LED bulbs is much longer.

Select lights according to location: Before buying lights, decide at which place you are going to install the lights. If you want to install lights on the curtains on the balcony or in the puja room, then you get different lights for each place.

Strip lights are best for trees and plants: Strip lights are easy to install and are also perfect for plants. These lights can also be easily put in bottles and hung on trees.


Be careful about curtain lights: When you buy curtain lights, ensure their quality. Keep in mind that the lights should not overheat otherwise there can be a risk of fire.

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