Diwali Special: Sweeten your mouth with 'Milk Cake' this Diwali, it is very easy to make...


Apart from kheel-batash, sweets also have a different significance in Diwali. Generally, people like to buy sweets from the market on festival days. But there are some sweets which are very tasty to eat and can be prepared easily at home also. By doing this you can avoid eating adulterated things. Milk cake is also one of these. Let us know the method of making milk cake.


Ingredients to make Milk Cake
Milk- 2 cups
Dhee – 2 spoons
Sugar- 2 cups
Alum- 2 pinches

Milk Cake Recipe
boil milk in a big pan
After two or three boils, add alum to it.
After some time the milk will curdle and become grainy
Boil it for some time and cook until it thickens.

When the milk thickens, add sugar to it.
Then cook it while stirring for 10 minutes and add ghee.
When the mixture starts cooking properly, its color will change.
After cooking completely, take out the mixture on a deep plate and let it cool.
Then cut it into any shape of your choice and serve.
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