Diwali Special: Make Kesar Jalebi easily at home, know the recipe here..


Everyone's mouth waters as soon as they hear the name of Kesar Jalebi. Every celebration is incomplete without this delicious dish. If you are also fond of sweets then this Diwali make your guests' mouth water with this sweet. Let us tell you it's an easy recipe...


     Flour – half kilo
     Gram flour - 100 grams
     Curd - 150 grams
     Sugar - 3/4 kg
     Saffron threads - 1/4 tsp
     Chopped pistachios – 2 tbsp
     Ghee for frying jalebi

How to make saffron jalebi
     To make saffron jalebi, first, add flour and gram flour in a vessel and mix well.
      After this, add curd to this mixture and mix it well with flour and gram flour.
      After this, prepare a thick solution of Jalebi by adding water little by little.

     After this, keep this batter covered in a warm place for 8-10 hours, so that the yeast swells properly.
     Take khamiri jalebi, pound it several times, and fill it in the jalebi maker.
      After this, put ghee in a big pan, heat it on medium flame, and keep making jalebi by rotating it in circles.
      After this, fry the jalebi from both sides until it becomes golden and crisp.
     When the jalebis become golden and crisp, put them in the vessel containing the syrup so that the jalebis absorb the syrup well.
     After this, take out the jalebis soaked in syrup through a mesh strainer in a big tray or plate.
     Juicy and delicious saffron jalebi is ready.
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