Diwali Shopping: If you want to buy a house, bungalow or car this Diwali, shop according to your zodiac sign...


It is considered auspicious to buy gold, silver, and property including vehicles or other goods on Dhanteras during the Diwali festival. That is why every person buys some or the other item on this day, but according to astrology, it is considered auspicious to buy property, vehicle, utensils, and household items at certain times for different zodiac signs. Whereas this time is not right for some zodiac signs. So let us know which are those zodiac signs and on which day it is considered best to make purchases.


Astrologer Pandit Prakash Moyde says that according to astrology and theology, making purchases on the day of Diwali i.e. Lakshmi Puja gives thirteen times the benefits. So let's start with the property first. This is the best time for people of Libra, Scorpio, and Leo zodiac signs to buy property. People with the Libra zodiac sign can buy houses or plots for their personal use on this day. If Scorpio people invest in property for commercial use, then they will get benefits from it in the future. It is also considered auspicious for people of Leo zodiac to buy property on this day.

It will be auspicious to buy a vehicle on this day
It will be auspicious for people of Cancer and Aquarius to buy a vehicle on this day. Although Sade Sati is currently going on for the people of the Aquarius zodiac, Saturn is in a good position in the birth chart, so there is no better time than this for you to buy a vehicle. Whereas for people of the Cancer zodiac, buying a vehicle on this day is considered very good. Men can buy a vehicle on this day for their life partner or for themselves.


Do not invest big in decoration
Gemini and Virgo are the only two zodiac signs whose people will get good benefits by purchasing electronic goods on the day of Diwali. People of remaining zodiac signs can also buy electronic goods but, there will not be much profit. If we talk about utensils and household items, then this time is not very good for people of all zodiac signs. Because Venus is moving in its lowest sign. In such a situation, buy only what is necessary. Otherwise, you may have to suffer loss. Along with this, do not buy products related to women at all, women associated with the commercial sector should avoid making big investments. Otherwise, you may have to suffer loss.
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