Diwali Shopping: There is a lot of excitement in these markets of Delhi on Diwali, know here..


Only a few days are left for Diwali. In such a situation, people have not only started cleaning their houses to decorate them, but some people have also started Diwali shopping. Actually, this festival is celebrated in many other countries including India.


But if we talk about Delhi, Diwali here is very special. The glow of Diwali is worth seeing in the markets here. Although this beauty can be seen all over Delhi, but it is worth seeing in some markets.

In these markets, all the items related to Diwali are available, whether it is for eating or decorating. There is a wide variety of goods in these markets. So let us know about those markets of Delhi where you should go for Diwali shopping.

1) Chandni Chowk
It is impossible to talk about markets in Delhi and not mention the name of Chandni Chowk. This is one of the oldest and most famous markets of Delhi. However, now this market is also in the news due to its new look. From here you can shop for clothes and jewelry. There are many other markets related to this market from where you can buy everything. Here you can also enjoy eating chaat. This market opens six days a week and remains closed on Sundays.

2) Paharganj
You will get to see the beauty of this market throughout the year. People come here from faraway places to taste the food. You can also buy Diwali decoration items from here. You can buy some antique lanterns from here. You can also go to this market to buy dry fruits. This market remains open every day.

3) Dariba Art
This market is famous for silver items. Here you will easily find bohemian-style jewelry. You can also shop for some artificial jewelery from here.

4) Tibetan Market
There is a lot of excitement here on the occasion of Diwali. You can buy designer things from here. Handicraft goods are also very good available here. Here you will also find many options for artificial jewellery.


5) Atta Market
This market starts from below the Sector 18 metro station of Noida. It is beautifully decorated during Diwali. You can buy clothes and good home decor items cheaply from here. This market remains closed on Wednesdays.
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