Diwali Rangoli 2023: Enhance the beauty of your home with these beautiful Rangoli designs on Diwali...


Diwali Rangoli 2023: The festival of lights is in full swing across the country. The festival of lights is coming in a few days. As this festival is coming closer, its excitement is being seen everywhere. Diwali is a very important festival of Hindi religion, which is celebrated every year with great pomp. During this time, people decorate their houses and sweeten each other's mouths with lots of dishes. Along with this, people decorate their houses with Rangoli on this day. If you are also going to decorate the courtyard and terrace of your house with Rangoli this Diwali and are looking for a good design for it, then this news will be useful for you.


Peacock rangoli
Peacock rangoli is most popular on the occasion of Diwali. It is very easy to make and very beautiful in appearance. However, it requires some time and focus to make it, but once made, it enhances the beauty of the courtyard of your house. If you are thinking of making peacock rangoli this Diwali, then many such designs will be easily available on the internet.

Lotus Rangoli
Lotus rangoli adds charm to the festival of Diwali. Symbol of purity and divinity, this rangoli is very easy to make and gets ready in a very short time. You can prepare it with the help of sand, chalk, or other materials. This time you can make it in the courtyard or terrace of your house on Diwali.

Flower Rangoli
If you are looking for some easy but beautiful designs to make rangoli, then you can try flower rangoli. To make this, you can use different types of dry or fresh flower petals and leaves. Apart from this, you can also make flower rangoli with the help of colors.

Ganpati Rangoli
If you want to try something different, then this time you can make Ganpati Rangoli on Diwali. It is a bit difficult to make but after making it, its beauty is worth seeing. You can prepare Gaja Mukh rangoli using a palette of different colors and shapes.


Swastika or Om rangoli
Swastika and Om symbols have deep significance in the Hindu religion. According to religious beliefs, it is considered very sacred. In such a situation, on the auspicious occasion of Diwali, you can enhance the beauty of your courtyard with Om or Swastik Rangoli. This is also an easy and beautiful way to make rangoli.
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