Diwali 2023: What to do with lamps after Diwali? 99% of people make mistakes, follow 4 easy solutions...


Diwali 2023: Diwali, one of the major festivals of the Hindu religion, was celebrated with great pomp on 12 November. It is celebrated every year on the Amavasya date of Kartik month. People wait for this festival throughout the year. Every day of this festival which lasts for 5 days is very special. It is believed that on the day of Amavasya Tithi, Mother Lakshmi herself comes to earth at night and wanders from house to house. Also, it gives results to people according to their deeds. This is the reason why people take many measures to please the mother. Although people take many measures, many people have a question what to do with the lamps after Diwali? However, some remedies for lighting lamps have been suggested, by doing which Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and there is always happiness, peace, and prosperity in the house. Let us know from Unnao's Astrologer Pt. Rishikant Mishra Shastri what should be done with the lamp after Diwali?-


4 miraculous remedies for lighting lamps during Diwali
Keep 5 lamps in the house: According to the astrologer, by using lamps after Diwali, negative powers are destroyed from the house. In such a situation, out of the lamps lit after Diwali, keep 5 lamps in the house and distribute the rest among the children. By doing this remedy, happiness, peace, and prosperity reside in the house and all the sorrows coming in a person's life can be removed.

Float in the river: You can float the lamps lit after Diwali in the river or flowing water. However, most of the people keep many lamps in the house too, which is wrong. Actually, old lamps increase negativity in the house. Along with this, happiness and peace can also be snatched from the house. This is the reason why after Diwali, lamps should be flown in the river.

Keep lamps hidden in the house: Most of the people are not able to throw the lamps lit in the river during Diwali. If so, then keep these lamps hidden in the house i.e. in a place where no one can see them. It is said that leaving the house after seeing the lamps kept in the house is not auspicious. Even the work done can get spoiled. For this, it is better to keep these lamps hidden in the house. You can benefit by doing this.


Donate lamps: Donating the lamps lit during Diwali is considered auspicious. It is said that by this a person can get auspicious results and there will always be happiness in his life and Maa Lakshmi (Maa Lakshmi Mantra) also resides there. Apart from this, all the wishes can be fulfilled.

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