Diwali 2023: Why is Suran vegetable made on Diwali, know what is the belief..


Diwali 2023: Preparations for Diwali are going on in full swing. Many dishes are prepared on this day, but Jimikand i.e. Suran vegetable is definitely eaten on the day of Diwali. The tradition of eating this vegetable comes from Kashi (Varanasi). In North India, it is called Suran. It is a very important vegetable for our health because of its nutritional value. This vegetable is grown in the form of a root. There are many beliefs behind eating this vegetable.


The first belief is that Suran is sown like a potato a few months before Diwali and when it grows, it is taken out a few days before Diwali. Any dish made from it is prepared and eaten on the day of Diwali.

After it grows, when it is taken out from under the soil, its roots develop so much that some part remains inside them, which grows in the form of many Suran by the next Diwali. Not only this but once it grows in a place, it continues to grow automatically in the future. This process of growth is seen to be linked to the process of increasing prosperity of Goddess Lakshmi. That is why there is a tradition of eating it on Diwali.

Another belief is that once there was a severe famine and a hunter who was roaming hungry and thirsty in the forest found a tuber growing. Just to satisfy his hunger and to keep the tuber from being noticed by his clan members, he buried the tuber in the ground so that no one could take it and went away from there.

After a few months, when he came to collect the tubers, he found the same tubers in abundance despite the famine there and became very happy. He thought that this would fill the stomach of the entire tribe, and since then the people there have considered this Suran as a symbol of happiness and prosperity and definitely eat it on Diwali.

Benefits of Suran
Filled with antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, potassium fiber, and good fats, Suran is a superfood, which is also very beneficial in diseases like cancer.

Consuming vegetables made with less oil and spices is very beneficial in the disease of piles.
Helps in strengthening the digestive system.
It is helpful in getting rid of the problem of early menopause by increasing metabolism in women.
Suran has anti-inflammatory properties, the consumption of which also provides relief in diseases like arthritis.
It is also called slimming food, it also helps in weight loss by reducing cholesterol.
Suran, rich in Vitamin A, potassium, and iron, also reduces stress.
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