Diwali 2023: Seeing these things on the day of Diwali is a big sign! The locks of your luck can open..


Diwali, the festival of happiness, is celebrated with various traditions and customs. On this day people clean their houses and welcome Goddess Lakshmi. In the scriptures, Diwali is considered an important festival associated with many animals and birds. Some people worship Mother Goddess as a ride, while some worship Lord Shiva as a ride, which can bring good luck to you. Apart from this, there are many plants which can change your luck. On this festival day, you can carefully observe these things which can change your destiny. Pandit Gulshan Jha has given special information on this.


If this is visible then it will be great
Pandit Gulshan Jha said that if one looks at the feet of Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Diwali then it is very good. Otherwise, if you see coriander leaves, betel leaves, owls, jewelry, cowries, or the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, then it is considered very good. He said that it is said that the owl is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore it is very pleasant to see it. On this day people also worship owls. Therefore one should never kill an owl. If you kill or harm an owl, there will always be a shortage of money in your house. You must never harm an owl.


Betel leaf is also auspicious
Pandit Ji further explains that seeing a betel leaf is auspicious because the aarti and worship of Goddess Bhagwati are done with the betel leaf. Along with this, it is said that if you look at a cowrie, then cowrie has special significance for both married women and Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, if you see cowries then it is also considered auspicious for you. He told me that if every day after waking up in the morning you touch the feet of Goddess Lakshmi, it will be extremely beneficial for you, Goddess Lakshmi will reside there.
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