Diwali 2023: Should lamps be lit with oil or ghee during Diwali? know here..


The festival of Deepotsav is near and lighting lamps on this day has special significance. However, there are many misconceptions among people regarding lighting the lamp as to whether the lamp should be lit with ghee or oil. Whether the lamp is made of clay or any metal, there is a practice of lighting lamps with different types of oils including ghee, oil, mustard, sesame, or jasmine oil in the house of worship or temple. Whose importance also varies. In the Hindu religion, lighting a ghee lamp is considered most auspicious, but a ghee lamp is more expensive than an oil lamp, hence people light oil lamps more.


Famous spiritual guru Ramashankar Ji Maharaj of Satna said that the earthen lamp is a symbol of the five elements that bring the blessings of Ashta Lakshmi. Oil provides health. At the same time, Ghee is a substance obtained by churning after a special process, which pleases the Gods by performing the function of invocation along with the lamp. Also, everything has its own importance.

Importance of earthen lamp
Pandit Ramashankar ji said that the human body is made up of five elements in which only soil is present. Due to this, the human body can be seen otherwise the body will not be visible in the 4 elements, and it will become invisible. Therefore, if a person wants the happiness and sorrow of this worldly world, then he should light an earthen lamp only. It is a symbol of purity, purity, and five elements. We can get the blessings of Ashtalakshmi only through an earthen lamp.

Light earthen lamps with ghee or oil
Pandit Ramashankar ji said that oil provides health. It also protects from enemies and grants victory. In such a situation, an oil lamp should be lit outside the house. At the same time, 1,5 or 11 ghee lamps should be lit in the place of worship, this brings prosperity. Ghee is a symbol of purity, purity, and Brahma. It is pleasing to the Gods, ghee is offered in yagya, havan etc. In such a situation, ghee not only serves as a lamp but also serves as an offering. Therefore the lamp should be lit using kerosene ghee only.


An oil lamp can also be lit outside the house or elsewhere. Interesting among some gods like Shanidev likes oil. Jasmine oil to Bajrangwali. The ghee lamp is considered the most auspicious in Sanatan Dharma. Lighting a ghee lamp is financially expensive, which is why most people light oil lamps.
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