Diwali 2023: Pollution can spoil the color of your Diwali, protect yourself in these ways..


Diwali 2023: On Diwali, we all come together to congratulate each other, light lamps, eat sweets, and have a lot of fun. But increasing pollution can spoil your Diwali fun. Therefore, it is important that we keep some things in mind while celebrating Diwali so that the risk of respiratory infection can be avoided. Know what things you can keep in mind to protect yourself from the ill effects of pollution on Diwali.


Do not burn crackers
Pollution has crossed 400 AQI, so burning firecrackers can make the problem even more serious. The smoke emanating from firecrackers is very harmful to the environment. These can enter your body when mixed with air, which can increase the risk of respiratory infection. The noise from firecrackers can also cause trouble for pets and old people. Therefore, do not burn firecrackers at all, rather celebrate Diwali by lighting lamps.

Do not use incense and incense sticks
You may have trouble breathing due to the smoke emanating from incense and incense sticks. The air quality is already bad due to pollution, which causes difficulty in breathing, this problem can increase further due to the burning of incense sticks and incense sticks. Therefore, instead of burning incense, light lamps.

Do not use room freshener
On the occasion of Diwali, we want our house to look beautiful and smell fragrant. Therefore, we often use room fresheners, but the substances released from air fresheners spread pollution, which can be harmful to your respiratory system. Therefore do not use them. Also, do not use scented candles, they can also irritate your respiratory system.

Drink lots of water
Water does not allow the mucus layer in your windpipe to thicken. When the mucus layer becomes thick, breathing becomes difficult. Therefore, do not let there be any shortage of water in your body. Along with this, you can also take steam of hot water, this will clear the pollutants accumulated in your throat and you will not have trouble breathing.

Use air purifier
Use an air purifier to clean the air in your home. This will purify the air in your house and you will not have trouble breathing. Besides, the risk of respiratory infection will also be reduced.


Organize a Diwali party indoors
On Diwali our families and friends gather, wish each other, and eat and drink. Lung infection can occur due to pollution outside, so organize your Diwali indoors only. Do not do it on the terrace, balcony etc.

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