Diwali 2023: Diwali festival is incomplete without these traditions, definitely adopt these customs..


Diwali 2023: The festival of Diwali has special significance in the Hindu religion. This festival is one of the important festivals of Sanatan Dharma. The festival of Diwali is celebrated every year on the Amavasya date of Kartik month. There are many beliefs behind celebrating this festival. There is a belief that Lord Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya on this day after defeating Ravana. The people of Ayodhya welcomed him by lighting lamps.


In such a situation, today in this article we will tell you about some important customs related to Diwali, that you should adopt.

Clean the house
Preparations for Diwali start months in advance. To celebrate this festival, cleaning the house is considered very important. It is believed that keeping the house clean brings the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi.

Light lamps
Diyas have great significance on the festival of lights, Diwali. On this day lamps are lit in every house. Lighting lamps in mustard oil is considered very important. People use different types of lights to decorate their homes, you can easily find them in the market. Due to this the beauty of the house further increases.

The festival of Diwali is considered incomplete without Rangoli, so on this day you must decorate your house with Rangoli. To make Rangoli, you can use household items like rice, flower petals, flour, gulal, etc. You will find many easy designs of Rangoli on social media.

Give a gift
Meeting family and friends on Diwali is considered auspicious. On this occasion, you can give gifts to close ones, this increases love in relationships.


Worship goddess Lakshmi
For the happiness and prosperity of the family, establish Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, in the temple of your home. Offer them clothes, fruits, flowers, sweets, etc., and pray with a true heart. It is believed that this brings blessings to the mother and only happiness comes to the house.
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