Diwali 2023 Decor Ideas: With the help of these tips on Diwali, you can give a beautiful look to your house without spending much money...


Diwali 2023 Decor Ideas: Unless the house is cleaned, and decorated with flowers, fringes, lamps, and rangoli, then there is no feeling of Diwali. Although in Diwali decoration, it is not enough to just install lights, every corner of the house is decorated, but no doubt, a lot of money is also spent on it. In such a situation, the ideas given here can be tried to give a classy, fresh, and unique look to the house on Diwali, for which you will not have to spend a lot of money, but the house will look beautiful, this is guaranteed.


First of all, change the look of the walls. The look of the house will change as soon as a big mirror is installed on a wall with pastel shade wallpaper. If you do not want to install wallpaper, then make a beautiful painting on any wall and install fairy lights.

After the walls, focus on soft furnishings. If you don't have the mood and budget to install new curtains, then wash the old curtains and get them pressed. To give a refreshing look, separate the borders from your old sarees and put them between two curtains.

- Have children make palm prints on pastel-colored bedsheets and cushions with contrasting fabric colours. Everyone will praise your creativity.

Make fringes of flowers of different colors place them on the windows and put fairy lights in between them. Choose dark-colored flowers for a room with light-colored walls and light-colored flowers for a room with dark-colored walls. The house will be filled with freshness.

To give a different look to the house, you can keep old sweet boxes in beautiful packaging on the side corner.

- Put flowers in a beautiful bone china cat and keep it on the dining table.

- Brass- Polish old bronze utensils and decorate them at different places. Fill them with water and arrange floating candles and some flowers.

- Make rangoli at the entrance by painting small rock stones with your favorite colors. The festive mood will be scattered in the house.


Some creative ideas
- Make desired designs with glitters on small-sized glass. Place tealights inside them once they dry.

- Place three glasses in a thin long tray. Fill them with some candy corn and keep a tealight. Scatter the remaining candy corn into the empty space in the center of the tray.

-Take three small square glasses. Apply white lace with Fevicol on the outside and arrange them in a long, thin tray. Place one candle inside each glass.
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