Diwali 2023: Clean the copper Lakshmi-Ganesh idol with these methods, it will look like new...


Diwali 2023: On the occasion of Diwali, we all want our entire house to look shining. We do things like painting, cleaning, and decorating the house with great passion. But it is a lot of trouble to clean the brass show pieces and God idols used for home decoration. Because its brightness reduces due to moisture, oxygen, etc. present in the air. But don't worry at all, you can easily clean brass idols with the help of items easily available in your home. Today we will tell you some such tips, which will make your copper sculptures look like new.


Lemon and Baking Soda
A teaspoon of baking soda and half a lemon can bring back the shine to your brass sculptures. For this, make a paste of baking soda and lemon apply it on your brass idols, and leave it for a minute or two. After this, clean the idol by wiping it with a cloth and then wash it with hot water and dry it. By doing this it will seem as if you have purchased a new item today itself.

Salt and vinegar
You will easily find both of these things in your kitchen. By using these you can bring back the shine of your brass sculptures. For this, mix vinegar and salt and rub it thoroughly on the idol. After a few seconds, wash with warm water and clean. This will remove the dirt accumulated on your brass statues and make them look like new again.

Yes! Toothpaste can help restore the shine not only to your teeth but also to your copper sculptures. To clean the copper, apply toothpaste thoroughly on the idol. However, keep in mind that a thin layer of toothpaste has to be applied. After some time, clean it by rubbing it with a cloth and then wash it with cold water.


Soap and water
There are many idols on which only a layer of copper is coated. It is safest to use soap and water to clean such idols. Dissolve soap in water, apply it on the idol, rub it with a cloth or brush and wash it with water.
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