Diabetes Diet: Okra is a boon for diabetic patients, include it in the diet in these ways..


Diabetes Diet: Everyone likes to eat bhindi, from children to elders. Its vegetables are very tasty. It also helps in keeping the body healthy along with great taste. For those who have diabetes problems, okra is no less than a boon.


An adequate amount of dietary fiber is found in it, which helps reduce the level of blood sugar. So let's know, how ladyfinger controls blood sugar.

Why okra is beneficial in diabetes
Okra is rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. It takes longer to digest. In this process, the blood sugar becomes low or slow. That's why okra is considered beneficial for diabetes patients. Bhindi also helps in reducing weight. Eating this keeps the stomach full for a long time. In this case, you can avoid overeating. Many types of nutrients are found in it. It is an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, protein, calcium, and folate.

For those who have the problem of high blood pressure, consumption of okra is also considered very beneficial. The potassium present in it helps control high blood pressure.

Include okra in the diabetes diet in these ways
Wash Bhindi and cut it into pieces. Now keep it soaked in water. Drink this water in the morning.

If you want, you can dry the seeds of okra and make powder. This powder is very beneficial for diabetes patients.

You can also eat bhindi curry, but use less oil while making it.


Apart from this, okra can also be included in lentils, soups, and curries.
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