Dhanteras: Buying steel utensils on Dhanteras is 'inauspicious', Goddess Lakshmi will get angry, which metal is the most sacred?


Today i.e. Friday 10th November is Dhanteras. We all have made plans to buy something as per our capacity. Many people have gone to the market early in the morning. Generally today there is a trend to buy utensils other than brooms. But, you should be a little careful while buying utensils. The most accessible and cheapest utensils in the market are made of steel. In such a situation, most people fulfill the quorum by purchasing steel utensils only. But, this is not right according to the scriptures. In the scriptures, shopping on the day of Dhanteras is considered auspicious. Many rules for this purchase are also mentioned in it. But, there is no mention of metals like steel or aluminum. The use of sacred metals has always been advised in the scriptures. Even scientifically, sacred metals are good for our bodies and health. Here pure means such metals which we get directly from nature. It includes metals like gold, silver, brass, and iron. Steel or aluminum are not completely pure metals. These are neither iron nor any other metal.


To understand this fact, we had a detailed conversation with the Principal in charge of Saraswati Adarsh Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya, Begusarai, and an expert in the scriptures, Pandit Vishwanath Mishra 'Vedik'. According to Vedic, metal is liked by a person according to his ascendant and zodiac sign. For a person whose Sun is in Leo, Leo, Scorpio ascendant, Mars is in its own house, gold is auspicious for such people. If Mars is the significator, if the sign is Aries or Scorpio, if Mars is the lord of exaltation, then such a person can buy hard things i.e. vehicles.

Be it a Taurus ascendant, Scorpio ascendant, Libra ascendant or Libra ascendant, silver and adornment items are beneficial for such people. Yellow metal, gold, brass, or copper should be bought for such people whose ascendant is Pisces or Sagittarius, whose lord is Jupiter. It is auspicious. Buying a vehicle is auspicious for a person whose Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius, whose Saturn is exalted. Because Saturn is the factor of iron.

Steel is cheap and accessible
Since steel is cheap and accessible, it is less dirty, hence people buy it. But this is not auspicious. People must buy brooms today. While sweeping the house, one should have the feeling of a householder, diseases are going out of the house, and negative thoughts are going out, one should sweep the house with this feeling.

Vedic further says that those who have not been able to read the scriptures, then they should follow the traditional things and the words of the elders. It is said – that Vridhasya Vachanam Grahyam – Elders say that the broom is Goddess Lakshmi, hence while sweeping the house, one should remove poverty and bring in health. Why old brooms should not be used - Old things that have become spoiled, and indigestible, should be discarded.


Even a brass spoon is auspicious
Today is the birth anniversary of Dhanvantari, hence medicinal items must be purchased. It is not necessary to buy medicine, one should buy something that keeps the body strong and healthy. Kubera should also be worshiped today, so that wealth may come. Metals like steel and aluminum are not pure, but it is not possible for poor people or people from economically weaker sections to buy gold, silver or diamonds, they also have a desire, the same people buy steel utensils. This is a practical matter. Such people should not buy utensils made of these metals on this day and should buy these things on other days. Only holy things should be purchased today. Even if it is small. A brass lamp or a spoon can also be purchased.

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