Dhanteras: Test the purity of gold in 5 ways, keep this in mind while buying gold on Dhanteras...


Today on Dhanteras, there will be a huge purchase of gold and silver. It is believed that buying gold and silver on this day brings blessings to Goddess Lakshmi. But many times we become victims of fraud in buying gold and silver during festivals because we are not able to test the real gold. If you are also planning to buy gold this Dhanteras or Diwali, then definitely pay attention to these things, so that you do not get deceived in the identity of real gold and can choose the right gold jewelry.


Pay attention to these things while buying gold
1. Choose Hallmark Gold

To avoid gold manipulation and fraud, always choose jewelery with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark. Gold hallmarking ensures that the gold item has been verified for purity, which is reliable.

2. Identify by the color of gold
Pure jewelery made of gold does not change its color if sweat or make-up gets on it, it remains shining in the same way.

3. Understand the karat of gold
The purer the gold is, the softer it is. Therefore, the price of high-quality carat gold will also be higher. At the same time, if we talk about purity, 22-carat gold will be purer, more expensive, and softer than 18-carat gold.


4. Water test
Pure gold never floats on the surface of water, it settles down. In such a situation, floating gold will not be real.

5. Corrosion resistant
Real gold never rusts, however this test is to check the purity of the purchased gold and to remove confusion.
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