Dhanteras: After buying a broom on Dhanteras, keep these things in mind, otherwise Goddess Lakshmi will get angry...

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There is importance in worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu, and Kuber on Dhanteras, the festival of wealth. Dhanteras is from the afternoon of 10th November to the afternoon of 11th November. On this day, a broom is bought to please Goddess Lakshmi, but after buying the broom, people make a small mistake. Due to this Goddess, Lakshmi gets angry instead of happy. Therefore, in order not to displease Goddess Lakshmi, one should not commit even a small mistake.


Just as people buy a new broom on Dhanteras and worship it, apply kumkum on it, similarly, an old broom is also tied with a black thread and kept at such a place. When you apply kumkum roli on a new broom and offer flowers at a place where they cannot be seen by other people, the same should be done with the old broom as well, this pleases Goddess Lakshmi.

Broom is considered a symbol of Lakshmi
Sagar's astrologer Pandit Anil Kumar Pandey explains that there is religious significance in buying gold, silver, jewelery, and utensils on Dhanteras. Similarly, brooms are also purchased. Goddess Lakshmi resides in the broom. And it is considered a symbol of Lakshmi. Similarly, Goddess Lakshmi also resides in the old broom, hence if you throw it outside the house or throw it here and there as soon as the new broom arrives, then Goddess Lakshmi gets angry.


For this reason, one should not throw away the broom immediately as soon as the new one arrives, and just as one worships the new broom on the day of Dhanteras, one should also worship the old broom by keeping it near it. According to religious beliefs, if a person has a debt and buys a broom, he gets relief from the debt. There is negativity somewhere and if you buy a new broom, positivity spreads.
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