Dhanteras Astro Tips: This time Dhanteras will be celebrated in Hasta Nakshatra, buying copper will be very auspicious..


Dhanteras, the day of rain of wealth in the markets, will be celebrated tomorrow i.e. on 10th November by shopping at auspicious times across the country. Markets across the country are decorated for the festival of Dhanteras. According to astrological calculations, this year's Dhanteras has fallen in Hasta Nakshatra. Actually, at this festival, most people like to buy gold and silver the most metals. But this time buying items made of copper and not gold and silver is going to be very auspicious and fruitful. Let us know the auspicious time for shopping in Dhanteras tomorrow and which items will be auspicious for purchasing.


Astrologer Girish Chand Shastri said that this time the festival of Dhan-Trayodashi is on 10th November, Friday. Dhanteras will start at 12:26 on November 10 and will last till 13:48 on the next day i.e. Saturday. Shastri said that on the day of Dhanteras, the auspicious time of the day will be from 2:20 to 3:43. At the same time, the best auspicious time for shopping in the evening is from 6:43 to 8:20.

This year Dhanteras has fallen in Hasta Nakshatra
Shastri said that this year Dhanteras has fallen in Hasta Nakshatra and some special coincidences are also being created this time. Due to both Buddha and Jupiter sitting in the house of Mars, it will be beneficial for people of all zodiac signs to buy land and buildings this time.


Buying copper among metals will be auspicious
According to Pandit Girish Shastri, buying copper among metals on this year's Dhanteras is going to be extremely fruitful. Although purchasing gold and silver jewelery is also good. He said that Dhan-Trayodashi is especially called Dhanvantari Jayanti. Because Lord Dhanvantari had appeared with nectar on this day. In which 14 gems were obtained before nectar. That is why shopping for gold, silver, and all gems is especially auspicious on this day.
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