Dhanteras Astro Tips: Do buy this item on Dhanteras, you will get the blessings of Goddess Laksahmi throughout the year...


In our Hindu religion, the day of Dhanteras is considered a very auspicious day, because it brings good fortune to the people. Astrologer Pt. Avinash Mishra said that it is said that whatever you buy on this day increases thirteen times. Buying some things on the day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. By purchasing these things, the house remains blessed with happiness and prosperity and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi throughout the year.


The festival of Dhanteras is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This year it will be celebrated on 10 November. Buying some things on the day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. ‘Dhan’ means wealth while ‘Teras’ means thirteenth day. The five-day Diwali festival begins on this day. It is also known as Dhantrayodashi.

  Buy these 10 things on Dhanteras
1. Utensils are seen as symbols of success and buying utensils during Dhanteras is believed to help you achieve success. You can buy brass, copper, silver, or even clay kitchen utensils. When you worship God, you have to pay attention to never keep your utensils empty. Always fill it with pulses or rice grains.

2. You can buy electronic goods like phones, televisions, and gadgets on Dhanteras. Buying these on this day is also considered auspicious. If you want to upgrade then this day is very auspicious. You can also get a lot of discounts during Dhanteras or Diwali sale.

3. You can buy jewelery on the day of Dhanteras. Buying these is also considered very auspicious. Gold is the factor of wealth and success. This is considered a very lucky day to buy gold. So you can buy anything of your choice on this day.

4. On the day of Dhanteras, you should buy idols of Gods and Goddesses made of brass, silver, marble, or wood. Buying them on this day is considered auspicious. But on this day you must buy clay goddess Lakshmi ji.

5. We all know that buying a broom on the day of Dhanteras is lucky and auspicious. Buying a broom on this day symbolizes that you are removing poverty from your home and you will no longer face financial problems. Therefore, definitely take a broom.

6. According to Vastu, you can buy items to decorate your main door on the day of Dhanteras. Like Toran, mango leaves, Kalash garland, flowers banana leaves, and many more. It is believed that buying these things brings positive energy into the house.

7. According to Vastu, you can buy lamps to decorate both inside and outside in front of your main door. On this day, light a ghee lamp in the northeast direction. The flame of these lamps removes negative energy from the house and the atmosphere of the house becomes pleasant, peaceful, and joyful.

8. According to Vastu, buying a Tulsi plant and worshiping it regularly can bring blessings and good health to your home. Therefore, worship Tulsi with complete rituals.


9. According to Vastu, a water fountain placed in the north or northeast direction helps in removing negative energy and fills the area with positive energy. The pleasant sound of flowing water refreshes the heart and gives relaxation to the soul. Along with this, it brings peace and happiness.

10. Gold or silver coins- Buying gold or silver coins on the day of Dhanteras is considered very auspicious. It is believed that by doing this Goddess Lakshmi is pleased. So on this day, you must bring a silver coin home.
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