Depression Diet Foods: Not only medicine, these 5 food items also remove depression and anxiety


Food Benefits: People's life is full of running. A bad lifestyle is making people mentally ill. Words of mental illness like depression, and anxiety have become common. If you go to a mental specialist, you will get to see a crowd of psychopaths. Some people have serious brain problems, while some people become ill due to their lifestyle. People keep taking medicines for depression and anxiety. But do you know that some food items present at home also work to remove depression and anxiety? Let's try to know which food items provide relief to the brain. Gets relief from anxiety, and depression.


1. Eat apples on an empty stomach
Apple is rich in fibre. Apart from this, magnesium and potassium are also available in plenty. Eating an apple on an empty stomach in the morning keeps mental health good. There is also a relief for depression and anxiety.

2. Almonds are also beneficial
Magnesium, potassium and other essential elements are also found in almonds. It works to relieve the brain. Useful in increasing memory power. Consumption of milk removes stress and anxiety.

3. Yogurt is also antidepressant
Curd refreshes the mouth. It is seen as a tonic or antidepressant. Its use is also beneficial for the stomach.

4. Fennel is also beneficial
Generally, in any function, you must have seen that after eating, fennel is a profitable deal. It is beneficial for the stomach. At the same time, depression can be controlled by its use.


5. These are the benefits of papaya
Papaya improves the digestive system. But it also has a speciality that people who eat a plate of papaya every day. They get relief from depression.

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