Dengue: If you are also taking paracetamol during dengue fever, then know what its disadvantages can be...


Dengue: Dengue cases are continuously being reported in the country at present. For some time now, there has been news of increasing cases of this serious disease in different parts. Dengue is a serious disease, which is usually caused by mosquito bites. If proper treatment is not received at the right time, it can prove fatal. In such a situation, it is important that it gets proper treatment in time. Dengue is also known as breaking bone fever. People often use medicines to reduce the fever caused by dengue.


During this period, if symptoms like high fever, body aches, or vomiting occur, paracetamol is usually given to the patient. Paracetamol is considered safe for dengue patients and helps reduce other associated symptoms such as fever. This tablet does not treat the cause of pain but reduces the pain. This is the reason why it is used for headaches, migraine and periods pain etc.

Disadvantages of paracetamol-
However, its use for a long time can be harmful to health. Actually, like any other medicine, taking paracetamol also has side effects. Some of the harmful effects of consuming paracetamol include sleepiness, fatigue, rashes and itching. Apart from this, consuming it for a long time can also cause the following problems.

fingers and lips turning blue
Liver and kidney damage
If you have high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke
stomach ache


Adopt these methods to prevent dengue-
To avoid this disease which is generally spread by mosquitoes, wear full sleeve clothes and full pants.

Use mosquito repellent cream when going out.

It is also important to keep the environment around you clean and free from stagnant water.

Regular fumigation can also help keep mosquitoes away.

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