Delhi Travel: These are such markets of the capital Delhi that remain open even at night...


Delhi is very famous for its luxury shopping market, not only in India but the discussion of shopping in the capital is heard all over the world. Some people come to the market for sightseeing, some people come here for business. As you all know that people start closing their shops as soon as the evening sets in Delhi, in such a situation people get a chance to shop during the day itself.


But do you know that some markets in Delhi remain open even at night, yes some markets in the capital remain open during the day and some remain open at night as well? So let us tell you about the night market, where you can buy goods for 50 rupees.

Mangal Bazar is also open during the day.
If you prefer to shop quietly at night, you can also visit Mangal Bazar. Tell me, this market is in Laxmi Nagar, from where people can buy clothes, junk jewelry, shoes, and slippers. The good thing is that this market remains open till late at night also, if you reach home late from the office then you can do some shopping here and go home. There is tremendous shopping from here even during festivals.

Khan Bazaar also opens at night
This market is situated between India Gate and Lodi Garden. If you have been to Khan Market, you would surely know every nook and corner of this place. All things like clothes, jewelry, and handicrafts are available here. Along with this, you can try many things to eat and drink here. Not only this, but a large number of foreigners also come to enjoy the market. In such a situation, if you are planning to go out somewhere at night, then you can visit this place once for shopping. Here you will get very cheap stuff at night.

Buddha Bazaar also fills up at night
Buddha Bazaar is located in Delhi's Mandawali area, where you will find restaurants and stalls serving Indian, Italian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. If we talk about clothes and other things, then handbags, boho accessories, shoes and slippers, and clothes are available here at very cheap prices. You just have to make some effort. Apart from being cheap, you can also bargain here.

Paharganj Bazar
People living in Paharganj must know about the market here. Apart from clothes, you can also buy Indian sarongs, scarves, jewelry, books, and beautiful bags from this market. Things are very cheap, this market is no less than a paradise for tourists. This market remains open till late at night. Here you can do a lot of shopping with comfortable bargains. The good thing is that even 50 rupees of goods are easily available here.


About Dilli Haat
Go to any market in Delhi once and see, here too there are piles of cheap goods. People coming to Sarojini Nagar must have also visited Dilli Haat. Everything here is very ancient. Apart from this handicrafts, jewelry, and leather bags are also available at very cheap prices. Girls' salwar suits are also available here. If you want to buy paintings, they are also available cheaply. Here you can go shopping comfortably even at night.

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