Dark Underarms: Remove the darkness of underarms not by bleaching or waxing, but with these natural things...


Dark Underarms: Shaving seems to be the easiest way to remove underarm hair. This saves both time and money of going to the parlor, but using a razor can cause the underarms to become dark and after it becomes dark, one has to think many times before wearing sleeveless clothes. There is a suggestion in parlors that by bleaching and waxing, one can get rid of dark underarms to a great extent, but before trying these treatments, why not try these home remedies once? You will see its effect within a week.


How to get rid of black underarms
Turmeric and lemon paste

This is a very effective home remedy.

For this, make a thick paste by mixing turmeric and lemon juice in a bowl.

- Apply the paste on the underarms and keep it for about 30 minutes. After that wash.

- Both turmeric and lemon help brighten the skin. It also removes the dirt and odor accumulated due to sweat.

Potato juice
Skin-lightening properties are also found in potatoes. Using which one can get rid of dark underarms.

For this, grate the potato, squeeze it, and extract its juice.

- Apply this juice on the underarms with the help of hands or cotton.

- Keep it for 10 minutes and then clean it with normal water.

Use lemon
Along with Vitamin C, lemon also has skin whitening properties. You will start seeing the difference in its regular use within a few days.

For this, take a small piece of lemon and rub it slowly on your underarms.


- Leave it like this for 10 minutes. However, if you want, you can keep it longer.

-Can be removed while bathing.

- Don't forget to apply moisturizer to remove.
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