Dark Circles: These things will remove the problem of dark circles, know how to use them


Dark Circles: The skin under the eyes is the thinnest of our body. With ageing, this part of your face starts to weaken. This sensitive skin needs gentle treatment. Along with genetics, there is a risk of dark circles due to lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, dehydration, allergies and the dangerous UV rays of the sun. It is a bit difficult to eliminate this hyperpigmentation completely, but it can be controlled by using natural things. This will not harm your eyes and will also benefit the skin. Dermatologists say that using things with harsh chemicals under the eyes should be avoided. Let us know by using which things dark circles can be reduced.


Rose water
Rose water has a skin-lightening effect, which keeps this area of the skin calm. The refreshing aroma of rose water gives a relaxing feel. First of all soak the cotton pad in water and put it in rose water. For best results, apply rose water under the eyes twice a day.

Raw milk
The presence of lactic acid in raw milk can reduce skin ageing and pigmentation. Apart from this, cold milk relaxes the blood vessels present under the eyes. Dip raw milk in a cotton pad and apply it on the lower part of the eyes with light hands.

Mint leaves
The methanol present in mint leaves reduces water retention under the skin. Along with this, it also reduces the swelling under the skin. Make a paste by grinding 8 to 10 mint leaves with a little water and apply it under the eyes until it dries up.


Tea bags
Dilated blood vessels under the eyes cause hyperpigmentation. To reduce this, apply cold tea bags on your eyes at night. They contain polyphenols and catechins, which helps in reducing pigmentation.

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