Crispy French Fries: Prepare crispy French Fries that are even tastier than the market ones at home with these tips...


French fries are one such junk food that everyone likes to eat. Be it children or adults...everyone likes to eat it as a light snack with burgers, or fried chicken. French fries are very popular in many restaurants including KFC, and McDonald's. But why can't these crispy French fries be made even at home... Actually, there is a trick to make them which we are going to share with you today...


pure oil
Chili powder
a pinch of color
arrowroot spice

French Fries Recipe
1. First of all, wash and peel the potatoes. After this, cut them into long pieces in the shape of French fries style.

2. Now cook the chopped French fries in boiling salted water for just 2 minutes. The balls will break if cooked too much.

3. Drain the French fries in a cotton cloth and let the water drain. - Then take it out in a vessel.

4. Mix potatoes with arrowroot flour, semolina, salt, and a pinch of the red color of your choice, mix everything well.

5. Heat oil in a big deep vessel on the gas, once the oil is hot, fry on low flame.

6. Take them out for 10 minutes and let them freeze.


7. Then double fry the fries once again. Crispy fries like your market are ready.

9. Add chaat masala and serve with hot chili sauce.
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