Credit Card: If a credit card transaction fails and money is also deducted, then take these steps..


There has been a rise in the number of credit card users. Actually, now even if there is no money in our purse but we have a credit card, we can still do shopping easily. Credit cards are being used extensively in the country. In such a situation, many times the credit card transaction fails, but the message of money being deducted has also come, so what should you do now?


Come, today let us tell you through this article what you should do in this situation.

Has the money been deducted or not
You should first confirm whether money has been deducted from your account or not. For this, you can check the statement through the mobile app or online banking. In this, you have to see that your failed transaction is being shown. Note the transaction details. In this, the date of the transaction, amount, and name of the merchant will be shown.

Contact Merchant
If your money is deducted then you should contact the merchant after this. For this, you will have to call the help desk. Here you have to tell me about your situation. Apart from this, you will have to give details of the transaction.

After giving all this information, if any problem occurs then the help desk will help you. If the transaction does not go through, he will give the option of a refund or providing the service again.

Keep all evidence safe
You should keep a record of all the transactions you are making in case the transaction fails. If you communicate with the merchant through email, chat logs, or over the phone, keep a record of them. Apart from this, the statement copy of your money deduction should also be kept safe. All these records will be useful at the time of need.


Dispute claim
If no solution is found even after talking to the merchant, then you should file a dispute claim. For this, you will have to talk to the customer service of the bank. While making a dispute claim, you should attach all the proof, transaction details, and other records. After this, the bank will start action on this. If you want, you can also go to the bank and talk about this matter.

Follow up
After filing a dispute claim, you should follow up from time to time. If you do not do this then it is possible that the matter may get stuck.

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