Credit Card Tips: Those who use more than one credit card should know this...


Credit cards have made life easier for common people. At present most people use credit cards. Some have one credit card and some have many. While there are many advantages to using credit cards for payment, it also has many disadvantages. Amit Kumar of Delhi works in a Multi-National Company. Along with having a good salary, he also has good hobbies. Her life includes a lot of shopping, partying every day, and eating out of home most of the time.


Amit uses credit cards for shopping or any payment transaction and the special thing is that he uses not one but 4-5 credit cards. His wallet is full of different types of cards. Amit's friends explain to him that he should use credit cards less and that having more than one credit card can become a cause of trouble at some time.

Like Amit Kumar, many other people use multiple credit cards simultaneously. However, because of credit cards, there has been a huge change in our lifestyle. Smart people use credit cards smartly. Even after having no money in their pockets, they do a lot of shopping and by using the rewards they get on shopping, they take advantage of all kinds of discounts, etc.

At the same time, some people are continuously getting trapped in the trap of debt due to credit cards. Many times, reputation gets harmed due to credit cards. You can have any number of credit cards, there is no restriction on credit card limit. Salesmen are seen standing on roads and intersections selling credit cards.

Benefits of credit card

Let us tell you that the credit card provides us with more discounts on different items (discount through credit card), additional offers on shopping, and interest-free loans for 50 days. Credit cards are how we pay our bills. You can deposit installments and even withdraw cash at the time of need. Therefore, there are many benefits of credit cards, but a little carelessness and ignorance can also cause big losses.

One or more credit cards

Your income or financial circumstances decide how many credit cards you should have. If you have a fixed source of income, then using more than one credit card or exceeding the limit can be a loss-making deal.

For your information, let us tell you that every bank and credit card issuing agency offers the best deals and bumper discounts on shopping with their cards to woo customers. Every company's credit card has different features and different benefits. If you want to take advantage of these features and know how to use credit cards smartly, then you can have more than one credit card.

You should be aware that regular use of credit cards and timely payment of bills improves your credit score. Delays in credit card payments can spoil your credit score. If you apply for credit cards more often and the number of credit cards you have is mentioned in your credit report, then this is a red signal.

This loss may occur

There are benefits of credit cards, but their benefit is available only when you use the card wisely. Every card has a different payment date. Their interest is different. Therefore, it is not possible to keep track of all the cards and even a small mistake can lead to a big loss.

Be careful while using credit card

Whether you have one credit card or more than one, it should be used with great care. One must keep in mind the charges levied on the credit card bill and the date of deposit of the bill. Apart from this, there are many things which any credit card user should keep in mind-


– The annual charge for each bank or company's credit card is different. There must be information about this.

– Every credit card gives a discount on shopping only up to the prescribed limit. This should also be known.

– Pay credit card bills on time only. If the limit is exceeded, interest up to 40 percent is charged.

– No matter how necessary, never withdraw cash from the credit card. Because interest is charged on its cash from the beginning.

– Surcharge is levied on refilling oil through cards of many companies. Get information about this also.

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