Creamy Pasta Recipe: Make delicious creamy pasta without cheese for children, know the recipe here...


On weekends, children insist on eating something delicious and wonderful. Children often get bored of eating the same things every day. This weekend, apart from rice, roti, dal, vegetables, and paranthas, you can also prepare macaroni and pasta for children. In such a situation, this weekend you can make creamy pasta for children. So let us know about the recipe to make it…


Onion - 2
Pasta – 1 bowl
Capsicum - 1
Corn – 3 tbsp
oil as per requirement
Green chilli - 1
salt to taste
Black pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
Mayonnaise – 2 tbsp
Pasta Sauce – 3 tbsp

1. First of all, boil the pasta. After boiling, keep it in a bowl.
2. Now chop onion, capsicum, and green chili and keep them in a vessel.
3. Heat oil in a pan add onion, capsicum, and green chili, and fry.
4. Add salt and black pepper powder to the vegetable and mix.

5. When the vegetables are slightly cooked, add pasta sauce and mix it with mayonnaise.
6. After adding mayonnaise to vegetables, add boiled pasta.
7. After adding pasta, cook the mixture for 2 minutes.
8. Switch off the gas after the stipulated time. Your delicious pasta is ready.
9. Serve hot. 
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