Corn Balls Recipe: Fried corn balls will prove to be the best snacks, be it children or adults, everyone will like them.


Everyone likes the taste of corn and dishes made from it give excellent taste. If you are thinking of making something special made of corn, then today we have brought you the recipe for making fried corn balls. Fried corn balls will prove to be the best snacks. Whether it is a child or an adult, everyone will like its taste. Let's know its recipe.


Necessary ingredients
1-kilogram cream-style sweet corn
- 150 grams of sugar
- 200 grams of grated carrots
Salt as per taste
- 1-kilogram panko breadcrumbs
- Refined Oil
- 1 whole salt
- 1 kilogram American corn
- 2 litres of milk
- 250 grams of cheese cubes
- 300 grams of corn flour
- 200 grams of all-purpose flour
- 150 ml water.
- 2 carrots


First of all, take a blender and put American corn, corn, cream of corn, cheese, water, sugar, milk, salt and carrot in it and again blend the whole mixture. Now heat some refined oil in a pan. When the oil is well heated, put the prepared mixture in the pan and heat it on medium flame. Now add cornflour to it and keep cooking till it becomes very thick.

Grease a tray or plate with a little ghee or butter. Now spread the cooked mixture in this tray. Make it uniform with the help of a spoon and when it cools down, cut it into pieces about one inch in size.

Now, in a big bowl, mix all-purpose flour and corn flour and prepare a thick batter with the help of water. Take a heavy bottom pan and add refined according to deep frying and heat it. Now take each cut piece of the corn mixture, dip it in maida and corn flour and deep fry on medium flame. When all the pieces are fried, serve them with hot sauce or chutney. (PC. Social media)

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