Cooking Tips: Mix curd in the gravy in these ways, the vegetable will not break at all, the taste will also be full...


Tips to Mix Curd in Gravy: There are many vegetables, which are mixed with curd in gravy to enhance its taste. But, many times it happens that when the curd is added to the gravy, it bursts, due to which the taste of the vegetable becomes tasteless. The vegetable does not look good even in appearance. In such a situation, you can follow some simple tips.


At the time of cooking, some things are ignored while mixing curd in vegetable gravy, due to which the curd bursts immediately as soon as it is added to the gravy. In such a situation, you must try these methods while adding curd to the gravy. Let's know about them.

Do not mix curd directly
While making vegetables, curd should never be mixed directly in the gravy, because it breaks the curd. For this, after preparing the gravy, take some of it out in a bowl. Then cool this gravy and mix curd in it. Then mix this gravy with the rest of the gravy. Due to this the curd will not break and the taste of the vegetable will also increase.

Do not add salt immediately
While adding curd to vegetable gravy, do not add salt to it. Due to this, there is a fear of breaking the curd. In this case, prepare the vegetable by mixing curd in the gravy. After this add salt to the vegetable in the last. This will make the vegetable perfect without tearing.

Keep the gas flame low
It is also important to pay attention to the gas flame while making gravy. In such a situation, whenever you mix curd in the gravy, lower the gas flame before that. Only after this add curd to the gravy. At the same time, keep stirring the gravy continuously after adding curd so that the curd does not curdle.

Use corn starch
If the curd is put in the gravy despite many attempts, it explodes. So you can use corn starch for this. In this case, mix cornstarch in curd. Then use it to make gravy. Curd does not curdle even from this.


Use full-fat curd
If you use low-fat curd for gravy, then even this curd breaks in the gravy. That's why it is always best to use full-fat curd to mix curd in gravy. In case of non-availability of curd, you can also add yogurt.
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