Cold Coffee: Make a restaurant like creamy cold coffee at home, know the method here...


Creamy Cold Coffee Recipe: Instead of hot coffee in summer, most people prefer to drink cold coffee. But making cold coffee at home is not possible for everyone. That's why we are going to share with you an easy recipe to make creamy cold coffee, following which you can refresh yourself with chilled coffee within minutes.


Ingredients to make Creamy Cold Coffee
To make creamy cold coffee at home, take 4-5 teaspoons of coffee powder, 12 teaspoons of sugar, 1 cup of cold milk, melted chocolate, and some ice cubes. Let us now know the method of making creamy cold coffee.

Creamy Cold Coffee Recipe
To make creamy cold coffee, first, take a coffee powder. Now add coffee powder to the mixture. After this add sugar to the mixer jar. Now grind coffee and sugar in the mixture. After it becomes coarse, add ice cubes to the mixture jar and blend the coffee well. Keep in mind that keep blending the coffee till it becomes creamy. After this place the melted chocolate in the coupe and decorate around the glass. Now put ice cubes in the glass.


After this add creamy coffee to the glass. Now pour cold and chilled milk on top. Fill the glass with milk. With this, the cream of the coffee will come up. Now decorate the coffee with a couple of melted chocolate. In such a situation, you can decorate the chocolate in a heart shape in a zig-zag manner. Now sprinkle a little coffee powder on top of it. Your creamy cold coffee is ready. In the scorching heat, you can keep yourself cool and refreshed by drinking cold coffee like a restaurant.

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