Cleaning Hacks: If stubborn dirt has accumulated in the fridge, then follow these tips to clean it...


Cleaning Hacks: Sweeping is done every day to clean the house. However, along with cleaning the house, cleanliness of the kitchen, bathroom, and rooms is also more important. The fridge in the kitchen should also be cleaned daily.


Often people find it very difficult to clean the fridge, but do not worry, today we have brought some such cleaning hacks for you, with the help of which you can easily clean the fridge in minutes, with the help of these tips. Even stubborn stains can be removed from the refrigerator. So let's know about these easy cleaning hacks.

Before cleaning the refrigerator, it is important to empty it. First of all, take out all the stuff from the fridge and keep it in one place. Keep vegetables and fruits in an airy place so that they do not wither.

Now start defrosting the fridge, for this, you should spread a thick cloth under the fridge so that water does not flow here and there in the house. When the fridge defrosts, leave it open.

To clean the fridge, take out all the trays in it wash them, and keep them dry. For this, you can mix lemon juice in detergent or lukewarm water and use this water for cleaning the fridge.

First, prepare a liquid for cleaning the fridge. Therefore, you can make a solution by adding baking soda and vinegar to water. Apart from this, detergent can also be added to baking soda. After making this solution, start cleaning the fridge with a clean cloth. Even the most stubborn stains will be removed from the refrigerator with this solution.


After this, leave the fridge to dry for at least an hour. Once the fridge is dry, install all the trays and keep the items inside.

If you want that the fridge does not smell bad, you can use mint. Keeping it in the fridge will not smell.
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