Circle to Search: Now this exclusive feature of Android will be available on iPhone also, use it like this..


Circle to Search is an exclusive feature of Google that has been given exclusively to many smartphones. This feature is only for the Galaxy S24 series and Pixel 8 series, but now this feature has come to the iPhone also. This feature can be used through the Google app and Apple shortcut, although there are some restrictions with the iOS version.


The information about the arrival of the Circle to Search feature in iPhone has been given by Minsang Choi, Design Manager of Google Lens. He has made a post on X with the caption "Search your screenshot". With its help, you can search for anything with the help of a lens. For this, a shortcut app will have to be created. After activating this shortcut in the iPhone, first, the iPhone will take a screenshot and then search for that content with the help of Google Lens.


How to use Circle to Search

The first condition is that your iPhone should be running iOS 13 or later.

Download the Google app on your phone and update it if you already have it.

Now as soon as you take a screenshot, you will get the option to search through Google Lens.

You can search by clicking on the option.

To create a shortcut, you have to go to Accessibility > Touch > in your iPhone's settings. After that create a shortcut gesture with double tap or triple tap.

By the way, this is not a new update, because even before this, using Google Lens on iPhone, you could search for anything and get information about it.

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