CIBIL Score Tips: Those with CIBIL scores above 750 get these 5 big benefits...


A good credit score can prove to be a beneficial deal for you. Generally, a credit score of more than 750 is considered good. With a higher CIBIL score, your loan gets approved faster. Along with this, your reputation also remains good in the eyes of the bank.


Benefits of having a high credit score
Loan Approval: If you have a good credit score, the advantage is that your loan gets approved quickly. Apart from this, if you apply for a credit card, you get the credit card within a few days.

Low interest: The advantage of having a good CIBIL score is that you can take a loan from the bank at minimal interest. Along with this, you can also ask for a reduction the interest rates.

Higher credit limit: If your credit score remains good for a long time. You get its direct benefit in credit card. Many times banks offer higher credit limits than usual to people with good credit scores.

Offers: People with good CIBIL scores are given special offers by banks, which are not available to people with low credit scores. Many times banks offer premium cards to people with good credit scores. In this, they get many exclusive reward points and benefits.


Insurance Premium: In today's time, credit score also plays a very important role in determining the insurance premium. Having a higher credit score may allow companies to offer you lower premiums. This saves a lot of money.

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