Choose the Right Comb: Learn more about Hair Comb for your hair type Important for hair health

right way of comb

Everyone loves their hair very much, to keep it beautiful and shiny, women use different types of hair spas, packs, masks, oils, shampoos, and conditioners. But let us tell you that there is more than this, your comb or brush which you use to make hair. Along with untangling the hair, the comb also works to keep the scalp healthy. If you brush your hair in the wrong way, it can cause a lot of damage to the hair. In such a situation, today we will tell you what type of comb you should use according to your hair so that there is less damage to your hair. Let's know about it.

large bristle comb

Large Bristle Comb

If your hair is thick, then you should take special care of which comb will be right for your hair. Women who have thick hair should use a comb with wide and large bristles. This is because a comb with wide and large bristles reaches the scalp easily. Due to this, it is easy to solve thick hair.

vented brush

Vented Brush

It is suitable for all hair types. It is available in both paddle and round shape. The hair can be easily dried while combing with this brush. This helps in improving the texture of the hair. This brush is suitable for making hair look thicker.

nylon bristle comb

Nylon Bristle Comb

Taking care of curly hair is a bit difficult as it takes a lot of effort to untangle them. Curly hair is mostly dry, due to which it tangles a lot. For such hair, a comb with wide nylon bristles can be used. The wider bristles will help you break less hair, which will reduce hair damage.

paddle brush

Paddle Brush

Straight hair is easy to comb. If you have long hair, divide it into several sections. The ends of long hair are weaker and more dry. Due to this, the chances of hair damage are high. Use a serum or light oil before brushing such hair. Then detangle the hair with a paddle brush.

synthetic bristles

Synthetic Bristles

If your hair is thinner and breaks faster, you shouldn't brush. This causes the hair to break more quickly. You should use a wide comb for this type of hair. Also, combing wet hair should be avoided. You can use synthetic bristles for weak hair.

things to keep in while combing

Keep these things in mind while Combing

- Use a clean comb, You should only use a clean comb in your hair. If you use a dirty comb, it can damage your hair.

- If you comb your hair after applying oil, then change this habit of yours.   This is because hair follicles are weak after oiling. Due to this, your hair can break.

- Wet hair should not be combed either. This is because wet hair is flexible, which can make it easier to break. In such a situation, you should not comb wet hair.

- You should clean your comb with lukewarm water every other week.

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