Choose the perfect nail paint, considering your skin tone is a game changer

nail paint according to skin tone

It has often been seen that women are only engaged in improving their skin tone to get beauty. While it is important to know that beauty does not come from skin tone only, according to this tone you can get beauty from other things as well. One of these are nail paints which give an attractive look to the nails and beauty to your hands. That's why today we have brought you information related to the selection of nail paint according to skin tone, which will make your hands look beautiful. So let's know about it.

Fair skin

If your color is fair then choose any color like wine red, dusty rose, transparent, shiny pink with soft berry and blue undertone, They only enhance the beauty of your hands, but in such a case, if you suck more light color your hands will become even more attractive.

different skin tone

If you have medium skin

The tone then deep or rosy pink, plum, berries or deep brown-red color will look good. The sky blue color will look beautiful on your skin tone. Colors matching coffee or chocolate will also look very beautiful. Too bright colors can spoil your look.

Dusky Tone

If your skin is dark then any shade of brown will suit you. Sheer, shimmery light browns to coffee tones will all look good.


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