Chocolate Laddu: When guests come home, immediately prepare and serve Chocolate Laddu, note down the recipe...


We all eat Motichoor or gram flour laddus on festive occasions or even on ordinary days. But if you want to try something different then you can make chocolate laddus. This laddu will be more delicious than the market laddus, let us tell you its recipe...


Parle G Biscuit- 2 packets
Milk – 2 bowls
Chocolate syrup – 2 tbsp
Cocoa powder – 2 tbsp
coconut powder as required
Spray Colorpool as needed

Chocolate Laddu Recipe
1. Break Parle G biscuits into pieces and grind them in a mixer.

2. Add cocoa powder and chocolate syrup to the biscuit powder and mix well.

3. Prepare the dough by adding milk as required in the mixture. Then make balls out of it.


4. Now wrap these chocolate balls in coconut powder and change their appearance by adding colorful sprinkles on them. If you want, you can also eat plain laddus.

5. Chocolate laddu is ready. Surprise your guests and family by serving this.
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