Chhena Murki: Make Bengal's special sweet dish Chhena Murki this Diwali...


Chhena Murki: Today we are going to tell you how to make Chhena Murki, another special sweet dish of Bengal. As delicious as it is to eat, it is equally easy to make. The special thing is that the taste of Chhana Murki, full of sweetness, covered with a thick layer of syrup on small pieces of paneer, is so wonderful that you will never be able to forget it. You will feel that these sweets are eaten and served at every festival.


Paneer – 250 grams
Sugar – 1 cup
Cardamom powder – 1 tablespoon
Rose water – 1 tsp

- First of all, take cheese and cut it into small pieces.
Now take a pan and put it on the gas to heat it on medium flame.
Now add one cup of water and sugar to the pan and keep aside to make syrup.
- After some time the sugar will dissolve in water and become homogeneous.
- Keep cooking the syrup until one string of syrup is ready.

- You can find out whether the syrup is made of a wire or not by looking at it with a finger.
- When one string of syrup is ready, add the previously cut pieces of paneer into it and cook on low flame while stirring with a ladle.
Now add cardamom powder to it, mix it well, and keep cooking until the syrup becomes thick.
- After the syrup thickens, turn off the gas and add one spoon of rose water to it. Chena Murki is ready. Bengal's special sweet dish Chhena Murki this Diwali...
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