Chhath Puja: Why is bottle gourd vegetable and gram dal eaten on the day of Nahay-Khay?


The great festival of folk faith, Chhath, has started today with Nahay-Khay. Today is the first day of this festival which lasts for four days. There is importance in eating bottle gourd vegetables, gram dal, and rice (bhaat) on this day. From making it to eating it, special care is taken of purity and sanctity everywhere.


Men or women observing the Chhath fast on the day of Nahay-Khay consume satvik food. Such things are included in the food on the first day, which will reduce hunger and thirst on the day of fasting. On the day of Nahay-Khay, vegetables are prepared without onion and garlic. Making gourd and pumpkin vegetables has special significance on this day. In Nahay Khay, gourd and gram dal are eaten with rice.

Patna's famous astrologer Dr. Shripati Tripathi says that there is scientific importance behind eating pumpkin on the day of Nahay-Khay along with religious beliefs. Due to this, there is no shortage of water in the body and this food helps in replenishing the essential nutrients during 36 hours of waterless fasting. Dr. Pawan Prakash of Patna also agrees with this.

Plenty of water
According to the reasons given by doctors and astrologers, it is importance to eat pumpkin vegetables and gram dal on the first day of Chhath fast. Bottle gourd vegetables and gram dal are considered satvik food. Bottle gourd is easy to digest. It contains a good amount of water. Due to this, the body gets energy. Bottle gourd is rich in vitamins, which help in preparing the body for fasting. Among pulses, chana dal is considered the purest.

This makes it easier to eat rice and the stomach also remains full for a long time. Along with this, pumpkin is eaten as an immunity booster on this day, which helps the fasting people in fasting for 36 hours. Adequate amounts of anti-oxidants are found in it. Pumpkin also maintains the sugar level in our body. In this way, pumpkin proves helpful for the fasting people in fasting without water. The most important thing is that the time of Chhath is the time of production of bottle gourd. Therefore, it is easily available to all sections of people.


This great festival will last for four days
Chhath Puja has started today i.e. with Nahay-Khay. Today, keeping in mind the purity, the fasting person will start the waterless fast by eating a bottle of gourd vegetable, gram dal, and rice. After this, there will be Kharna on the 18th, the evening Arghya on the 19th and after morning Arghya on 20th, there will be Parana. With this this great festival will also end.

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