Chhath Puja 2023: Do not make these mistakes during Chhath Puja, know the rules..

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The great festival of Chhath is celebrated with great rules and devotion. During Chhath, people follow very strict rules and try not to make any mistakes even by mistake. There is a belief that if any mistake is made during Chhath, it has adverse effects on the family and leads to negative consequences. In such a situation, it is important to know which mistakes we should not make even by mistake during this fast.


Jamui's famous astrologer Manohar Acharya said that Lord Surya is the only real deity. People get a lot of results from their worship, but by worshiping them wrongly, people get to see the opposite results. It is believed that during Chhath, punishment for mistakes is immediately given by God. He said that a lot of purity is maintained during this time and if these things are not taken care of, then the puja fails. The astrologer said that it is very important to take care of cleanliness during Chhath Puja and under no circumstances should one use uncooked grains during the puja. Do not use an old or unpurified stove for Prasad. Never make Chhath Puja Prasad on a gas stove. Make this Prasad only by burning mango wood. Astrologer Manohar Acharya said that during Chhath one should not consume Tamasic food like garlic, onion, meat, liquor, etc. even by mistake. Otherwise, Chhath Mata gets angry. The grains used for Chhath Puja Prasad should be cleaned properly. Prasad is made at home by washing, grinding, and crushing grains. Take special care that birds or any other animals do not spoil the grains.


Do not use utensils made of this metal
Astrologer Manohar Acharya said that Chhath Puja is considered a natural festival. Only a soup bowl or basket made of bamboo is used in puja. One should not use glass or steel utensils even by mistake during Chhath Puja. Along with this, pure ghee and good fruits should be used in the Prasad, this pleases Chhath Mata.
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