Chhath Puja: Why do women apply vermillion till their nose during Chhath? Know its importance...


As soon as Chhath, the great festival of folk faith, begins, a different emotion is aroused among the people. With this enthusiasm of Chhath Puja, preparations are made with great pomp across the country. According to mythological beliefs, during this festival, people celebrate it according to many beliefs. During Chhath Puja, fasting women apply vermillion to their noses with their faith and devotion, which has special significance. Astrologer Vishal Shastri has explained the method of this worship. According to them, applying vermilion signifies a spiritual connection and is a sign of receiving the blessings of the Sun God.


Its relation to husband's longevity
The astrologer explains that according to mythological beliefs, during the Chhath festival, fasting women do complete makeup, and this also includes applying vermillion to the nose. To understand the belief behind this, the astrologer explains that this vermilion is considered a sign of marriage. In this custom, the reason for applying long vermillion till the nose is that it is considered auspicious for the longevity of the husband. Thus, fasting women apply vermillion to their noses on the auspicious occasion of Chhath, hoping that their husbands also have an equally long life.


Sindoor has great importance, apply it like this
Astrologer Vishal Shastri said that Chhath, the great festival of folk faith, is the center of great enthusiasm among the people from village to city. According to him, enthusiasm is seen in Chhath Puja and he also told the importance of vermilion. In Hinduism, vermilion is considered very important, and it should be applied with regularity. He told that after bathing, the first thing to be done is to apply vermilion and married women should never keep an empty maang. It is believed that the length of vermilion increases the life of the husband, hence during Chhath Puja, married women apply it on the nose, hoping that the life of their husband also increases.
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